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Fitting a New Chassis to a Citroën 2CV.

Notes for DIY mechanics by a DIY mechanic who has done it.

Copyright © 1992 Clive Morphet.
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Last updated on Saturday, October 29th, 2005.


The recommendations made here are all made in good faith, but I can of course accept no responsibility for any consequences which might follow from anybody following them. I am telling you what I did. It it up to you to decide whether to do the same.

2CV Introduction
2CV The Chassis
2CV Disassembly
2CV Removing the suspension units
2CV Preparing the new chassis
2CV Fitting the suspension to the new chassis
2CV Welding
2CV Transferring axles and petrol tank
2CV Brake pipes
2CV Fitting engine, gearbox and wheels
2CV Preparing the body panels
2CV Exhaust and bumpers
2CV Preparing the body shell
2CV More body shell preparation
2CV Fuel system and body shell
2CV Finishing off
2CV Costs and suppliers

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