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       webbuilder - Runs make(1) recursively in one or two direc-


       webbuilder [options] [-r remote-dir] [-l local-dir]

       One or both of -r and -l must be specified.

       If filespec is not used the name of the makefile will  not
       be specified to the make program.


       webbuilder  is a Perl program that works its way through a
       directory structure, running  make(1)  in  each  directory
       where  a  suitable  makefile  is found.  It can run in two
       different directories, using a different  make  target  in


       -v     Be verbose.

       -r remote-dir
              Set  the  name  of  the  remote  build directory to

       -l local-dir
              Set the name of the local build directory to local-

       -X ignore-dir
              Do  not  recurse into directories named ignore-dir.
              This option may be used multiple times.

              You may use the wildcard characters "*" and "?"  in
              the  name  of the ignore-dir although you will need
              to take precautions to prevent these being expanded
              by your shell.

       -M makefile
              Add  makefile  to the list of makefile names recog-
              nised by the program.  This option may be used mul-
              tiple times.

              When  -M is used, the values supplied will be added
              to an empty list.
              If no -M options are specified the list  will  con-
              tain  the default values "Makefile" and "makefile".
              These are values that GNU make(1) will recognise in
              the absence of the -f option.

       -make makeprog
              Set an alternative name for the make(1) program.

       -makeopts opts
              Specify  options  opts  to be passed to the make(1)

       -filespec marg
              Specifies the option that will be used  to  specify
              the  name  of  the makefile to the make(1) program.
              If calling GNU make the -f option would  be  appro-

              If this option is not used the name of the makefile
              will not be passed to the make  program.   In  this
              case  it will be up to the make program to identify
              a suitable makefile.

       -ltarg target
              The name of the target passed to the  make  program
              when  executed  under  the local working directory.
              The default target is "local"

       -rtarg target
              The name of the target passed to the  make  program
              when  executed  under the remote working directory.
              The default target is "remote"


       webbuilder can run in one or two directories, referred  to
       here as local and remote.  These directories are specified
       using the -l and -r command line options.  If  neither  of
       these  are  specified  the program will stop with an error
       message.  If both are specified, the local directory  will
       be processed first, followed by the remote directory.

       webbuilder begins by searching for a valid makefile in the
       working directory.  The names of valid makefiles are spec-
       ified  on  the  command  line  using the -M option, or the
       default values "Makefile" and "makefile" can be used.   If
       a  valid  makefile  is found the make program is run, with
       the appropriate target  name  depending  on  whether  web-
       builder  is  currently  running  in  the  local  or remote

       After make has been run, webbuilder will move into each of
       the  sub-directories of the starting directory in turn and
       call itself recursively.  If there  are  directories  that
       you  don't  want webbuilder to run in, specify them on the
       command line with the -X option.


       None known.


       Steve Morphet <email-address-hidden>


       webbuilder and the Guava tools are Copyright (C) 1999-2001
       Steve Morphet <email-address-hidden>

       This  program  is  free  software; you can redistribute it
       and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License  as  published  by  the  Free Software Foundation;
       either version 2 of the License, or (at your  option)  any
       later version.

       This  program  is  distributed in the hope that it will be
       useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
       PURPOSE.  See the GNU  General  Public  License  for  more


       websrccopy(1) make(1)