F307 Amplifier Documentation

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Ferrograph F307 Amplifier Documentation

The following manual pages are scanned from the user manual of a Ferrograph F307 stereo amplifier. The F307 amplifier was styled as a companion unit to the Series 7 tape recorders.

Each page is approximately 30KB, except where stated otherwise.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow this link for the instructions from the F307 conversion kit. The kit, comprising parts & instructions, was available from the Ferrograph factory to convert the outputs of a Mark 1 amplifier once the 39285 transistors became unavailable.

Note that the circuit diagram in the manual below is for the Mark 1 version of the amplifier. Many Mark 1 amplifiers have already been converted to Mark 2 specification. Please refer to the upgrade instructions to see the changes made to the circuit in the F307 Mark 2.

The Manual of the Ferrograph F307 Amplifier