Logic 7 Service Manual

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Ferrograph Logic 7 Service Manual

The following pages are scanned from a Ferrograph Logic 7 Service Manual, kindly donated by Andrew Button.

PDF This manual is also available as a high resolution PDF file (10.6MB).

This manual covers the majority of Logic 7 tape recorders, which use an idler wheel system to drive the capstan. It is thought that a small number of Logic 7s (from serial number 110,000) were fitted with a direct drive, servo controlled capstan, similar to that used on the Studio 8 recorders. I would be very interested to hear from owners of such machines.

This service manual includes information on the setup and alignement of the Dolby B noise reduction system. This information should also be useful to owners of Dolby equipped Series 7 and Super 7 machines, which use a similar implementation of the Dolby system.

Each page is approximately 60KB, except where stated otherwise.

Service Manual

Electronic Parts Lists

Diagrams and Illustrations

These diagrams have been scanned from poor quality originals, and in many cases the small text, component numbers, etc., have been replaced in order to increase the legibility of these low resolution images.

Figure 11, the components chart, has been omitted due to the poor quality of the original.

Figure 29, the Dolby NR Circuit Diagram, is a link to the identical diagram in the Dolby supplement to the Series 7 User Manual.