Series 7 Service Manual

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Ferrograph Series 7 Service Manual

The following pages are scanned from a Ferrograph Series 7 Service Manual, kindly donated by Andrew Button.

This version of the service manual was printed before the Mark 2 version of the Series 7 came out around serial number 78000. The previous owner has updated this copy in places, by pasting revision notes over parts of the text, so it does have information relevant to later models.

There is no circuit diagram with this copy of the manual, so please refer to the schematics provided with the Series 7 User Manual.

The implementation of the Dolby B Noise Reduction System is believed to be identical on all Ferrograph Series, Super, and Logic 7 tape recorders. For additional Dolby setup and alignment information, please refer to the Logic 7 Service Manual.

Each page is approximately 50KB, except where stated otherwise.

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